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On March 30, 2022 the federal government launched a comprehensive central resource for information on the COVID-19 virus, including testing and vaccination. It is currently available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

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Centers for Disease Control has launched a one-stop site with access to hundreds of free and accurate educational materials to support COVID-19 and flu vaccination in your community.

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Storytelling is a key part of the Vaccine United mission. We hope individuals and organizations that share our goal to create a positive dialog around vaccination will use the tools provided here to help continue that conversation.

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Mental health is more important now than ever, and needing assistance is more common than many of us realize. Fortunately, there are a wide range of resources and organizations ready to assist, no matter the age, gender, social status, or level of individual need.

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Vaccine United: New Jersey's Community Resource Against COVID-19

Vaccine United is an online hub for all COVID-19 and vaccination related information. We are dedicated to collecting, organizing, and sharing evidence-based and culturally competent communication resources and information regarding COVID-19 and its latest developments, while providing a space for our community to share their own unique stories and experiences.

Vaccine Information

Clear and unbiased information on what the vaccines are, who is eligible, and where they are available.

Parents & Children

A healthy community starts with healthy families. Start here for information on keeping your family safe and healthy.

Mental Health

The pandemic has been hard on everyone, but it affects each of us a little differently. There is help available, no matter your need.

Recent News

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"I realize that the confidence I thought I had was merely arrogance on my part.

I fully believe that if I had not been fully vaccinated plus the booster, my symptoms would be much worse, possibly life-threatening. I also learned not to be lulled into a false sense of security when living in a pandemic."


"The vaccine was a huge part of allowing us to have classes in person this semester. Our university had a huge day where college students and people within the community could come and get their first or second dose of the vaccine."

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"Through the first several months, we did not see anyone and all of our food came through delivery to our door. We would wave to all the amazing brave humans from the window and hold up huge heart gestures to thank them for their willingness to risk their own lives to bring us our necessities. One grocer even brought my child an ice cream, and this was such a delightful moment."

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