Vaccine United

Real Stories


The vaccine was a huge part of allowing us to have classes in person this semester. Our university had a huge day where college students and people within the community could come and get their first or second dose of the vaccine. The university made it mandatory to be vaccinated to live on campus and to be able to go to in-person classes, but you can get an excuse for the vaccine with a medical record or religious reasons. 


I realize the confidence I thought I had was merely arrogance on my part. I fully believe that if I had not been vaccinated plus the booster, my symptoms would be much worse, possibly life-threatening. I also learned not to be lulled into a false sense of security when living in a pandemic.

~Dean J, Gloucester County resident


I thought about how much I learned in isolation and all that it taught me about my family, friends, myself, and what I wanted in life… what really mattered at the end of all of this was to be safe, happy, and loved. To be grateful for all that we still had.

~Natalie L, Pittsgrove resident