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Resources for Immunocompromised & Unvaccinated

“My father had a lung transplant back in ‘07. For 13 years he and my mom lived their lives completely revolving around his immune suppression, even when risks were normal. He was vulnerable on so many levels to COVID. It probably would have killed him in a few hours if he ever got it. They understandably took stay-at-home recommendations pretty literally and we really didn’t get to see them much outside of video. He got vaccinated immediately, even though his compromised immune system meant he was still not as well protected. For all the care he had to take to keep himself healthy, it was always the things the rest of us did that were even more important to keeping him with us. That included getting vaccinated ourselves as soon as we could. And so we did. And because we did, we were able to see him again before we lost him to an unrelated infection.”
Gloucester County resident

CDC COVID-19 Recommended Vaccination schedule (as of summer, 2022):

There are a variety of reasons why an individual might be unable to receive a vaccine, or for whom a vaccine would have reduced effectiveness. Whatever the cause, these individuals are among the most significant reasons for everyone else around them to get the vaccine. Without the support of their communities, risk of infection and death are both significantly increased. Chances are good you know someone like this, even if you are not aware of it. Please use the resources on this site to help find the tools to keep yourself and those around you safe and healthy.

Articles of interest:

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CDC guidelines for families with unvaccinated members: 

CDC guidelines for individuals who are immunocompromised: