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Vaccination Appointments

“By the time 2021 rolled around I was scared of this virus, I was scared of the vaccine, and I was scared of the way people around me reacted so incredibly differently to every new piece of information we got. Being afraid is not an easy thing for someone like me to admit, but my wife and I ultimately decided to get our family vaccinated because we are sick of being scared. Although we initially had some doubts we were able to find answers to all of our questions. Taking that step and getting the first shot went a long way to reducing my fear and anxiety – even more than I expected.”
South Jersey resident

The State of New Jersey operates a comprehensive and easy search tool for finding a vaccination site that has available appointments and is convenient to your location. These include both public locations and private ones (like drug stores).

Vaccine appointment information is also available on each individual organization page as well. However, this is by far the easiest and most complete interactive portal and so it is where we recommend all individuals and families start.