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Vaccine Card Information

I am a musician. Although I have a day job, I’ve been performing publicly in some form since I was 15. It’s what comes naturally to me and I love to share music with others. In the beginning, not having that outlet really had me low. Then I got COVID. What I had to suffer through, no one should. Coming back was a long, tough process. Even when precautions have been taken and it should be safe to perform, I still get nervous. What helps me is the understanding that vaccination doesn’t just protect me, but my audience as well. Where one of us might spread it to the other if only one of us is vaccinated, if both of us are, the chances are so much lower. I know it’s often not popular but I don’t perform indoors unless everyone is vaccinated. I couldn’t consider myself a legitimate, ethical artist if I got someone else as sick as I was through carelessness.”
South Jersey resident

Online Vaccine Records

New Jersey residents can easily access their vaccination information and records through the Docket app. This will likely be the most convenient method of showing proof-of-vaccination for most individuals, and is available to Apple and Android store users. More information is here: 

Vaccine Card Replacement

For those using a paper card and in need of a replacement, information on that is available here: